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BWES offers crucial insight and training for companies to increase their representation of Black women executives.

Our training provides a framework for how to make your culture more "fertile" for Black Women to grow and excel. BWES provides an approach to develop, promote and retain Black women.

Our two signature offerings for corporations are shown below:

Forces for Fertile Ground

No matter the culture of your company, there are factors or "forces" at work that are not apparent on the surface. These forces in the corporate culture will either be headwinds (working against) or tailwinds (working for) the advancement of Black women's careers in your organization. This session will help you see those forces more clearly and cultivate more fertile ground for Black women.

Return on Invested Capital for Black Women Executives (ROIC BWE)

Black women can be cultivated to be critical business assets if they are invested in and are well cared for. Truly empowered Black women executives can do for a company what executive sponsors do for employees - which is to completely change the trajectory of positive outcomes. This session will teach how to make smart strategic investments that will pay large dividends.

Invest In Black Women